Thursday, August 25, 2011

2011: A Year in Review - Week 20

Yes, I managed to make another page for the Year in review...shocked? I am! Two within the space of one week is quite impressive. Who knows, I might even churn out another four by the time next week rolls around. It's not like I have that many to make, say, only another 14 weeks and counting...
Despite my constant procrastination about finishing the weeks that I've let run away from me, I cannot wait to see the fruits of this album at the end of the year and this is what gives me the motivation to keep trekking on.

Week 20, if you'll remember was the week hubby and I went to the fantasticly awesome Roxette concert. I bought tickets to the show as soon as I heard they were coming, I have loved them since forever. I remember doing a jig and singing into a hairbrush on my parents bed while listening to their tunes pumping out on the CD player they had in their bedroom. Good times.

The concert started with these two freaks, dressed in short shorts and jamming while they played eighties and nineties tunes on their mixers. We loved every moment, we (mostly me) sang along and got hyped for the show that was to come. I don't think I will ever forget the experience. We are so blessed.

A few photo's can be found at my blog post here, go look, it will make you jealous :)

Anyway, enough jabbering, we're here for my scrapbook page aren't we? I used NEW, CLEAN, FRESH, SHINY paper...gasp! I couldn't find scraps that suited my mood and ideas. sorry. Wait! oh, yes, I did use a little scrap...I made a dalia flower! inspired by Vicky, who was inspired by Dawn. The pig dame is a stamped image I got from one of my BFF's, Birdie. I coloured her with a combination of watercolours, pencils and Sharpies. Fussy cut her out and added a bit of bling. The heart charm is a treasure found in my charm stash.

Even though I had written Week twenty into the banner on dame piggy, I couldn't resist spelling out Roxette with letter stickers and a big wooden letter, coloured in black and glittered with glitter glue.

I must admit I had trouble with deciding on placement for this page and I went through a few changes....


Before Hubby helped me pick this one:

I think we made a good choice, you think? Hope you all have a stunning day, we're one day closer to the weekend!



  1. Squealing like a pig here - first to comment! Think you picked the right layout. Did the pig wonderfully I might add. Never thought of watercolor for her. Liking the flower a whole lot.
    Perfect page for a perfect time, now resume singing into the hairbrush...

  2. Lovely spread! I think you and hubby made the right choice. That pig is still "ugly" even though you colored her very nicely indeed and somehow you managed to make her look appropriate here. The flower, I love.

  3. Good choice for the layout P....although still liked some of the others....and I really like the way you spelled out the the look of those letters...maybe 'cos they look like a ransom note....HAAAA!


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