Thursday, August 18, 2011

Animal Farm

As well as going to see the dogs and kitties at FORA the weekend, we also took a drive through Magaliesberg. This area is rich in wildlife and whimsical eateries, where you can lose yourself in the magic that is the 'countryside'.

There are farms and farmholdings, wildlife sanctuaries and cofeeshops. I thought it might be fun to take a few pics of the animals we saw at one place. No Easy feit, they do not stand still! And I struggled to get photo's that actually meant anything...only two will work for this blog post. And one has my favour, so will be the only one to feature. Nuff said.

So, contrary to my post title, these pics have nothing to do with George Orwell's book. They were all just regular old farmy beasts, roaming their way around their homes, not caring much for hostile farm takeovers. They were cool like that. Yes.


  1. Some sheep are more equal than others. And some sheep photographers are the best!!!

  2. Talk about the eyes being the window to the soul. Either looks could kill or it's thinking, "really lady, do I snap photos of you?" Could come up with a million tag lines for that expression...

  3. I'm thinking he/she looks very bored? Gotta love sheep though, I always wanted a pet sheep called Jane. But then I am a little odd.

  4. I want to bring her home!....she definitely looks like she has attitude....gotta love that!


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