Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Open Sesame! ...

... And the cave was opened for Ali Baba! And so, in much the same way the crafting door has opened for me again :) I must have forgotten the password...

After struggling for a while to find some time to craft and to find the inspiration to make something I would truly be happy with, I have returned with a post for you all. My absence was probably much needed as I have gained new inspiration from all kinds of sources and I am on fire at my craft desk! Not literally, else my beloved stash would wither away, but you know what I mean.

I came up with this beauty, inspired by a couple of people, magazines and blogs. It's like a big soup pot filled with lots of wholesome goodness!

I inked this card to within an inch of it's life, and let me tell you, I had forgotten how rustic and finished and beautiful it can make a card (or scrapbook page) look. I also indulged in a flurry of paper piecing and self drawn designs (I am by no means a Picasso or a Rembrant, but I tried ok).

So without further ado, on to the project! I decided on using up some of my stash that has been lying around for a while, namely some chipboard items. I decided on a flower garden of sorts. This called for making a 'scene' on my card and took some thought.

I decided on adding clouds, hand drawn onto ledger paper and then cut and inked. I raised the layered cloud on foam squares.

I covered the flower garden in scraps (yay!), popped pearls in the centre of the blooms and then set out to cut some grass. I used a pattern check for the grass layers, it came from a paper pad I got in a mag some time ago. I cut two strips, one to go behind and to go in front of the flowers. I snipped the edges and then brushed them updwards to create dimension. Hubby thought I was a genius! though truthfully I have seen this done before in blogland somewhere and cannot claim the brilliance. sigh*

The stamped sentiment is new to my collection, there are quite a few quotes in the set that I think will come in handy on many projects. I love the typeset on it and how formal, yet soft and elegant it looks.
The Kite was added as an afterthought (also drawn by me!) and to add some much needed colour to the very vintage look the card was taking on. The string is actually green crafters floss which I marked periodically with a brown marker to give it that bakers string Pop!

I don't know about you, but I love my first project back :) I had so much fun cutting and pasting! I even think I'll hunt for a few challenges to enter it into :) Just because I can.

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone! Hope the day is blessed and filled with much happiness!



  1. What a gorgeous flower garden you have created there! I LOVE all the heavy inking. And the kite and the pattern of the clouds and... heck I like it all!!!

  2. I like your garden Petra, must be the coming of spring that has opened your cave door. Great to see you back creating

  3. Smashing card you got there P, I wonder if AM will come along and proclaim it "rubbish" like she did to me? She's a meanie.....

  4. Nope...this is definitely not rubbish....unlike what somebody we both know posted, and called it her blog...ha!
    This is actually very all the inking....I have to forcibly restrain myself from inkin' everything in sight...might ink you-know-who if she stands still long enough!
    So glad you got your crafting magic back....this is beeaooteeful!

  5. Welcome back P! Looks like the break was just what you needed. I think your clouds are fantastic - love the ledger paper.


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