Friday, April 1, 2011

Bring on the funk!

Ladies! it's Friday! yippee! I think from the start of this week I've been looking forward to it :) How bout you?

I made a really simple card for today, I actually flubbed a tutorial I was trying to remember but it came out ok. I will have to print the tutorial and work from it next time instead of trying to go from memory! The paper all came from my scrap stash except for the base which had to be cut from a whole piece of cardstock. I love the weird funky colours of the patterns. They would have looked so good if I got the tutorial right! At least I can console myself by remembering that we learn from our mistakes!

If you'd like to see what I was actually trying to remember how to do, you can find it here. My wonderful Friend B sent me the link in the week and I just loved it!

I have a jam packed weekend for you all too, I'm not sure how many of you have noticed but I'm 2 weeks behind in showing you my weekly pages of the Year in review album....

Hope you have a Fantastic Friday! and an even better weekend :)


  1. P, great job, girlie......I tried bargello ages ago but just got in a right old mess, lol! I love the way yours turned out, :D.

  2. Ooh, I cry foul! I never got sent that link! Looks like a great technique, but your card still looks fab too! x


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