Friday, April 8, 2011

Happy Easter Card

Hi Everybody! Seeing as I printed more than one of the eggheads (see yesterday's post), I couldn't just let them lie in my scrap box and go to waste....

So I used the scrap blue cardstock from the basket and made a matching card!

I layered the egghead in the same way as the egghead on the basket and placed it flush against the card.

I used single rubber stamp letters to spell out the words Happy Easter and stamped them above and below the egghead image. I then covered them in embossing powder and heated with my heat gun to set. I thought it looked a bit plain so I added a red stitched ribbon to match along the bottom edge.

Doesn't it just match the easter basket perfectly? I thought so too :)

Happy Friday! Hope your weekends are simply smashing!


  1. Eggcellent addition to basket. Love the red.

  2. Very cute....I need one of these l'il fellas, lol!
    Love that you used your scraps...very satisfying, isn't it :D....and the colours work so well it just me, or do these have a vintage look to 'em? x

  3. Oh so cute. Love how you popped up the shell on the card.


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