Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Card Kit 2 - Card #1

Ok! so Card #1 of this set is ready to be debuted :) I have news though! I need to create a new set of cards because the stamp set we chose is not currently available! Oh well, just another excuse to craft hey?

I used a very whimsical colour choice for this set and I really, really like how each one turned out. The store asked me to design the cards using perspex letters that they have in stock, in order to show clients how they can be used. Funny how often we might look at something and brush it off because we dont know how to use it on a project.

I used a cream card for the base, a pink for the front matt and three of the pattern papers I chose to use throughout all the cards. Instead of ribbon (my favourite) I used an earthy chord for accents, as well as a couple of perspex flowers.

The sentiment is part of a set of four that would have been used for the kit. This particular set is all about getting well :)

Hope you enjoyed this ickle bit of inspiration! Have a Happy Tuesday :)


  1. Lovely card P! Never heard of perspex before but they do look fun to use. Great job and love the colors. Jute chord is ribbon in my book ;)

  2. WHAT a pretty card Petra. Like the colors you used. Thank you so much for your thank you card. I got it last week, thank you very much!!!! hugs

  3. Have used perspex before, but not in solid colours....mine was clear and I used to stamp on it....a bit like using acetate, but chunkier! Love what you've done, and the jute goes really well.....great overall effect!


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