Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Blogland friends and reading material

Today I want to take some of the spotlight off of myself and get you to read a few of the blogs I've been following the last couple of weeks.
I love seeing what others around me are doing because it is such a part of the creative process. None of us could create without it I dont think. It's almost as if other's creativity gives us our own a little boost.

Each of these lovely ladies have their own style and my eyes never cease to be amazed when seeing their projects:

Beccy's Place - Beccy
Creating is Fun - Martha
DKH Designs - Debbie Harris
Easson's Angle - Claire Easson
Floral Fantasies - Brenda
Ling's Design Studio - Vera W. Yates
Little-Applefalls - Anne-Marie
My Crafting Corner - Ursula Uphof
My Craftway to Happiness - Maria Rudolph
nunutoolies - Kazan Clark

Hope you'll all enjoy browsing through their blogs :) Have a Happy Tuesday!


  1. Oh Petra..your post makes me happy and angry at the same time. Happy , cause you are so kind to mention my blog and being so generous to tell others about it and angry cause you spelled my Lastname wrong it ends with -ph not with -f. anyways , love ya and thank you so much

  2. Don't know what to say (stop sniggerin')...thank you!


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