Monday, April 4, 2011

2011: A Year in Review - Week 11

Ok, ok, so my posts didn't exactly happen over the weekend :) I enjoyed my rest and relaxation way too much! coupled by the fact that our internet connection was not as it should be.
I will be catching up on the weeks in review over the next three days, beginning with today!

Week 10 was quite uneventful for us, bar the Sunday we went out for lunch...we ate a restaurant which both of us have agreed we will never return to!

The title actually serves a dual purpose, it states the week of the page but also explains how we felt about the chicken liver starter we were took an hour to get to the table undercooked and caused us to forego even ordering a main meal.....

We wondered at the secret recipe when it arrived at the table, unawares of the undercooked status....

But were left with a lot of food for thought....

I created the page from a whole lot of my scraps, and I love the patchwork look about it! I only inked the very edge of the entire page in black ink and I think it turned out fab. I journaled about our experience on a piece of white cardstock which was stamped with a zigzag stitch pattern all around. I also placed little bits and bobs around the patchwork to keep it interesting.

Hope you will have a Montastic Monday and a fantastic week ahead!

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  1. Oh, you poor things! Made for a fabby layout, though, so not all bad, lol!
    I've noticed your zigzag stamp before, and LOVE it....will have to look out for one of the patchwork look, too...something else ya reminded me I just love, but rarely use!


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