Friday, June 3, 2011

Bronchitis....what fun.

Well, I thought it was coming and here it is...booked off sick from work by the doctor with the beginnings of Bronchitis! I'm feeling miserable and glad that I can rest while snuggled up at home. :)

Obviously, I havn't crafted anything 'technically new' for today's post, but I do have a card I want to show you all. I made a couple of commissioned cards for this month and this is one of them. I made it at the beginning of the week when I started feeling a bit under the weather so my crafty mojo was already deciding to flee.....
I think it's VERY CAS but at the same time very striking. I used a bright yellow for the card base, a patterned red, and plain black for the matt, and one humongous flower placed underneath a thick ribbon strip:

Hope you all have a Fantastic friday and that your weekend is full of rest and good fun :)


  1. Lovely colour on your card. Take care and stay warm.Get better soon

  2. Oh Petra, I´m so very sorry that you have a Bronchitis. I hope you will feel better very soon. My poor friend. Your card looks awesome like all of your cards. I´m sending you positve thoughts and a lot of hugs. All the best for you my friend. i´m in the chat if you are bored :) Feel better :)

  3. Oh gee....what some people will do to get attention!
    Only kiddin'
    Card is bright and beautiful....hope you soon are, too!


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