Wednesday, June 8, 2011

2011: A Year in Review - Week 10 (Rewind)

Yes, Rewind, Week 10 has been shown already in my blog posts here. and it looked like this.....

When paging through what I had done for my review so far, I decided that this page was very rushed, and though I love the stamp and where I was going with my excitement for the release of my very own card kit line, I didn't do my album any justice....

I decided to redo the page:

I used a sketch from an amazing site called Let's Scrap. I recently discovered this gem while looking for ways to enhance my scrapbooking skills after letting them lie in waste for so many weeks (actually months, but who's counting?) I highly recommend joining if you're looking for inspiration and guidance, working from a LO makes so much of a difference when you're scrapbooking. Cards are easy to do out of my head, but scrapbooking is not.

(Wait, before I go on, I have to tell you that this ENTIRE page (except for the base) was made using scrap pieces in my stash. I have continued on my scrappy quest and am finding it is helping diminish the evil pile of paper that stares at me every day.)

Anyway, on to the details of my page. The title was made using clear stickers on a cream piece of scrap cardstock. I used my new Crop-a-dile Big Bite II to punch holes for and insert my brass eyelets. I love how this tool reaches so far into a page! and now I don't have to make everyone in the house cringe like I used to when using an eyelet tool and a hammer....

I dug through some of my neglected stash and found these cute, raised corners which I stuck onto a piece of scrap argyle paper and then next to my hand made embellies (just some scrap paper and a button really) above and below the focal photograph.

Next comes the repurposed, hidden journal. I couldn't throw it away, it held my very secret thoughts :)

The entire page with all elements together looks like this, and excuse the shine on the Title, I don't exactly shoot these in a studio :)

It took me just half an hour to get all the elements together for this page. All thanks to working from that nifty sketch... I like this page so much more, it screams the fact that I took my time and put in some effort. Not that I didn't enjoy the colouring on the first attempt, but I am sure I can do a MUCH better job with that stamp and do it way more justice.

Hope you all have afantastic Wednesday! and that you'll join me for another AiF challenge tomorrow :)

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  1. really upped your game with this one, P! I've had a nosey at the great site, and have to agree....fabby! Can't remember the last time I scrapped, though, lol.
    Hope you are LOADS better!


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