Monday, June 20, 2011

Blog makeover

Hi all!

Ok, so I've jumped into the deep end here and out of my confort zone a little. I changed my blog background, title and a few of the text elements on the page. As well as removed a bit of clutter from the right hand side bar...

Let me know what you ladies think, the new format will allow me to post bigger photo's than I used to because my actual posting area is larger. But....don't expect this lazy blogger to go back in the history and make every post I've ever published conform to my new settings!

I also think the blog looks neater, but seeing as you all read it and I really enjoy your comments, I would love to hear your input too :)

Catch you all later!



  1. I did the same too! And haven't been near it again since :)
    Very pretty in all it's pinkness x

  2. P, you know what I think... And never make it yellow as you will loose a follower - not saying who, but I think you know.


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