Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Gone fishing

Hello friends!

So Father's day has come and gone and what a wonderful opportunity it was to show our dad's how much we appreciate them. Unfortunately I live very far away from my own dad so all I could really do was make a phonecall. I have however got a lovely surprise package planned for him for when my hubby and I go to visit my folks a little later on in the year.

That said, we did get to spend time with my Father in law on Sunday and I made him a card to go with the Christian T-shirt we bought him.

He loves fishing, even though he doesn't get to do it very often :) and Hubby and I decided together that this would be the best theme for his personalised card.

I don't know about you, but when I'm making a card or a gift for someone special I tend to put a little more effort in than I usually would and I don't even notice it until I'm done. In my case, it's when I handsew on my cards because it takes so much patience and effort to get each stitch just right.
I did hand stich with thread on this card and even tried a new technique.... I think all you hand stitchers and quilters should be proud of me :) I also found these really neat, puffy letter stickers in my stash and used these to spell the word 'Pa', which means Dad in Afrikaans.

Hubby and I found these really neat buttons at a local craft store in our area and bought them for the card, nothing better than getting new stash eh? I cut the loops off the backs of the buttons and adhered them to the card with clear adhesive.

You can see in the above picture that I stitched a long piece of thread from the fishing rod to the mouth of a fish in the 'river'. This same fishy was a button with two stitching holes and I stitched this onto the card with the same thread I used at the top of the card. 

The parents sentiment is a rub on from one of the sheets in my stash. I created the waves in the river with a ruler template that I have and used two different pattern papers to create a more textured water element.

I love how it turned out, and so did my Father in Law :)

Hope you will all enjoy a terrific Tuesday! catch you again tomorrow!

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  1. P, love the card, buttons are too cute! He's very lucky to have you for a daughter-in-law. Just saying.


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