Thursday, September 1, 2011

Be Happiness itself

I have another one of my comissioned cards to show you today. I recycled somewhat on this project and I hope it gives you an idea for a little bit of recycling of your own. And, no, I did not make a recycled tin card :)

After the masculinity of yesterday's posted card, I moved onto something a bit more 'Petra'. Bright and cheery was on the cards! (pun intended)

Anyway, proudly used more scraps from my stash... every single piece on the card I tell you! I think I am starting to get good at this :)


I think this card just embodies our (finally arrived) spring season, guess I was feeling the summer love. I used my making memories punch to get the scallop on the red DP and my jagged ruler to tear the green check. Beads that havn't been used in a long time found their way to the butterfly's trail, which I mapped out using a stitch guide, I will have to double check the name of the manufacturer for this. The flower came out of my stash, and the butterfly was a recycled piece from this project here. I just added a few more beads to cover up the cut it had in the middle...clever ickle thing aint I? I thought so too!
Faux stitching around all the paper, and my card was done.

That's it! Hope you all have a terrific day today and that my fellow South Africans will enjoy the first official day of Spring :) Remember to join me for the start of the blog hop tomorrow! Beeeeg prizes up for grabs!



  1. This is so "P", only missing a touch of pink. You make this sound and look so easy. Especially like that butterfly. Think will be sending you scraps from my room.

  2. Another lovely card. The colors are so bright and vibrant exactly as you said it was going to be. :)Love the blue flower.

  3. Wanna trade your spring with fall? Can't believe the temperatures we have. Agreing with B - you have a knack to make one feel, that you just threw this thing together. Me Like.

  4. You make it sound so simple, and here I sit with a blank piece of card in front of me without a clue what to do with it, sigh....


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