Thursday, September 29, 2011

Love to you...

..all. Thank you for being patient while I get my crafting time in order. I have been a bad little blogger these last few weeks. Yes, I have kept up with my DT tasks at AiFactory, but I have failed to create for non-DT related posts. I must admit that I have no idea what my problem was but I seem to have broken through and am crafting again.

I have made a few LO's for my week in review album, so those will be shown as soon as I have photo's printed to fill them. Last night I managed to make a sample wedding invitation for my newly created P.S Creations* Facebook page and am quite chuffed. I need to figure out how to photograph it though so that it looks professional. I have quite a few designs that I am working on making, and want to put them all up at the same time so that the Facebook page doesn't look bare.

Other than that, I also made a little note card for my sister who will be visiting us next week. She has found a job here in the big city and will be meeting her new bosses on Tuesday. She officially starts work in January of next year.

More on the note card later though, first, I want to discuss stamping inks. Weird topic, but oh so relevant when stamping traditionally with rubber stamps etc.
When stamping the image (shout out to Ace for the lovely stamp!) I wanted to use for my sister's card, I first used a black stamp pad (I have forgotten to note the company name, will edit later) with what I would think is 'regular' ink. OK, so I stamped and happily continued to colour with my fancy pants pencil crayons that hubby bought for me last year. Ugh, the ink smudged...badly. I coloured the entire image though and set aside for purposes of this blog post.
I stamped the image again, this time using a black StazOn inkpad. The image lines were sharper, crisper and clearer...first difference.
Second difference was the fact that the StazOn did not smudge when coloured.

So, lesson learnt, I will only stamp in StazOn from now on. Below are the two images, for you to see the differences, they are quite obvious. Please ignore my clearly inferior pencil crayon colouring skills, I cannot compare to the genius that is Karen, across the pond :)

Regular ole black  inkpad

Black StazOn Inkpad 
Tomorrow brings the notecard for my little sis, didn't think I was going to spoil you did ya? ha! But I guess I can be stingy like that :) Have a great Thursday everybody.


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  1. Lately, I haven't managed to make much more than DT projects either. It's kind of bumming me out! Hope you get back in the swing of things soon!


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