Monday, September 19, 2011

State Theater - Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa

We visited the State theater in Pretoria on Saturday, wow. I loved seeing the buildings as we drove through Pretoria city, and the Jacaranda trees that literally almost line every street. The purpose of our visit was to watch the stage production that is currently being run there, called Ester (the Afrikaans version of Esther). It is about Hadassah, who became Esther, in the bible (read book - Esther).

Being my very first ever stage production viewing, I was most EXCITED :) We were not allowed to take photographs during the production, but I was able to take ample photographs in and around the actual theatre building while we waited for the production to start. here are a few of the lovelies :)

They have these really cool glass cases in which they have archived old costumes from past productions. Unfortunately I didnt get to take pics of all of them, maybe next month when we go to see the Russian ballet? I'll certainly do my best!

The light fixtures are so unique, I couldn't resist taking a photograph...notice the bulb that has blown? It reminds me of a photo bomb :) naughty light bulb.

There is a balcony on to which we could step during the break in the production and we utilised it both before the show and during the break. They have these lovely benches avaliable to sit on and a stunning view of some of the city building's. Pot plants make the area a bit more green and I fully enjoyed the photographic experience, despite my husband asking me why on earth I would want to photograph a bench... he just doesn't get it :) Either that or there really is something wrong with me!

I overexposed this shot and enhanced the colour richness in an editor. I really wanted the vibrancy of the buildings and interesting spike structure to stand out.

Loved these plants, so squidgy!

The Bench that caused the controversy...gasp!
The parentals with the big juicy kind hearts.

The children who loved every minute of it!

 Oh, and one last thing, I CAN drink tea like a posh lady...don't let anyone ever tell you different!

Catch you tomorrow with some more arty farty happenings!



  1. Pretty, interesting, educational and entertaining. All one can ask for! Love live shows and I have lots of those squidgy plants. Cactus. Along with chicks and hens.

  2. Whats wrong with the bench? I have photos of some of them too, and it makes your mind wander in a wonderful way :o) No wonder you could not resist taking photo #1 + #2 ... great that others can entertain me with photos when my photowalks is out of the question for the moment.

  3. Looks like you had a fabby time....Russian ballet?.....spoilt!!
    I simply love those light bulbs...would really look good in my if!
    Beautiful shots, P....would have choked on me tea if I'd been sittin' opposite that pinky....ha!!


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