Monday, September 19, 2011

Another Bag-a-lope

Love this bag, it's so versatile. I've even figured out a way to fold this bag flat. So, some of my crafty friends may be getting some as gifts this Christmas...heck, even if you're not crafty, we always need gift bags don't we?

All stamping was embossed with clear embossing powder and heated with a heat gun. Scraps galore, so the stash pile is slowly diminishing :)


Because this was another UNISA envelope, there was writing on the back that needed to be covered too.


I am slowly finding the time to create things again that can be shown here. I have made a mountain of stuff that needed and needs to be posted out to various people, pity none of it can be shown here :)

Remember that the AiF is still running the 2week back to school challenge at the new site, so head on over there to submit your entry for a fantastic prize from the store!

Have a great week everyone*



  1. WOW Petra, loving those details: sting, buttons *sigh* :o)

  2. P, love this. Such creativity again and loving the papers you picked. Let me know when you need more scrap variety.

  3. Yay for carft time :)
    Looks smashing, still haven't got around to making one myself yet....

  4. ove your bags. They are such fun to make, am doing a workshop with some ladies next month, and this is one of the items.

  5. Lovely bags, and the embellishments are lovely. Where did you find the instructions or are they in your head if so how 'bout a tut.?

  6. Gorgeous creations, P....I'm another one who hasn't ventured to make one yet....d'you enjoy makin' me feel guilty?...d'you? HAAAA!
    Would deff buy one of these in a posh store....go girl!!

  7. the bag is sooo lovely! and the embellishment really match together.. looks like we have the same interest, petra, turning scraps into useful things :D


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