Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday - Felt flowers

Please don't get too excited by the title post, I really did only make very basic felt flowers. Nothing that is going to blow your mind or make you say WoW! But sometimes, it's the simplest things that make your projects WoW and I'm hoping these flowers will do that for me :)

On to the recipe list!

- Felt sheets in various colours
- Scrap pattern paper
- Die cut flowers (you could also hand draw)
- buttons/brads
- thread


- Scissors
- needle
- Marker

I do suppose that if you had a die for a cuttlebug or Big shot or something else like them, you could cut your flowers with much more ease. I have done this the 'old fashioned' way, which allows for those of you who do not have these dies and machines, to learn how to make crafting accessories without too much fan fare.

I started out by choosing three different sized chipboard flowers and tracing them onto my chosen felt and scrap paper with a felt tipped pen. I do think a sewing pen or pencil would work better but for lack of one I had to make a plan.


I then put the chipboard flowers to one side and cut the traced flowers out of the felt and paper. I then layered the cut pieces on top of one another in the order that I wanted the flower to look.


I then took a needle, some thread, and a button from my stash and sewed the stack together. I also made another variation of this flower, by only using felt and stitching around the edges of the top layer to add a bit more oomph :)


Remember last week's tin? Well, how do you like it now? filled with flowers for future projects!

Hope you're inspired to dig into your stash and make your own flower embellies. Remember, you don't have to use felt to make them Pop! Use up some of your paper scraps! Have a stunning day everybody :) Tomorrow brings another Week in review LO!



  1. Who has being a busy girl? Petra has. lol All those lovely flowers just waiting for projects. Wow.
    They look so easy to make, will have to try some.

  2. Full to the top? Really? Hmmmm, might have to ask you to prove it, Girly. Can picture you using these up in record time in your week in review book, how's that going by the way? ;)


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