Wednesday, September 7, 2011

2011: A Year in Review - Weeks 21-23

So....Week's 21-23 did not have any major events happen so I have been forced to mark Craft time as my highlight for all of them. One advantage to this though, is that I've killed three pages in one go :) Yay for me!

Because I crafted so much, I didn't want to focus on any one thing. I decided to do a journal page of sorts, in order to avoid placing emphasis on anything. My secret Pal, Mrs Nate is good at pages like this and I wish I could channel her crafting energy when needing inspiration for this sort of thing.
Good thing, then, that I had some of the stash she sent me for my birthday available :) She sent me this beautiful set of stickers, all craft related, which I utilised on my page.


I believe all the paper I used was Bo Bunny, and definitely not from my scrap stash....sorry. You'll notice some of those fabby felt flowers on the page too :) what handy little things they are! My journaling in the half 'sun' was all written out on strips of white cardstock, inked in black, and adhered just any old way.
I also punched a few holes in the centre of the page with my crop-a-dile and threaded green satin ribbon through the holes in a zig zag formation.

Think it's too plain? I don't know if I should add a few wallet sized photo's...hmmm. Anyway, hope your day is fantastical! and that you'll join me for another AiFactory challenge tomorrow!



  1. Don't think it needs anything else, there is so much color and embellishments there's no need for extra things. ITS FAB.

  2. I don't think it is plain at all. I love the detail of the zigzag threads -- great idea!

  3. It's so cute.. i love the layout and color combination.. i think it's already beautiful, you wont need anything else :) great job!


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