Friday, September 30, 2011

Love you...Sis!

I promised a card today, and a card it shall be! Using the stamped image from yesterday's post, I came up with a cute little, bright looking vintage card for my dear little sister (who, by the way, is not so little anymore, seeing as she will be 19 in 2 months time)

I really do wish I could colour better, I guess it is going to take practise (a lot of it).

Proudly, I can say this card was made using ONLY scraps! Whoop Whoop! I inked it all in black and added a few brads just to finish it off.

And of course, I had to tell her that I love her :)

On another note, it is my Dunderstuds Birthday today. He has been spoilt with vouchers, cologne and a absail & river rafting exprience for Sunday. What a brat! Just wanted to publicly wish him a happy day here too :)

have a lovely weekend everybody


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  1. Happy Birthday, P's Dunderstud! Have a great day on Sunday.
    Love the colors you used for your card and the image is cute!


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