Friday, November 19, 2010

Blue Friday

ok, so just because the post is called Blue friday, doesn't mean i'm having a bad day :) I completed another card last night and went with a blue colour scheme! its accented with green and i love the combination!

Alas, I have forgotton to take down all the supplies in order to complete this post, so I will have to update it after the weekend so you all know what products were used. The only thing i remember of the top of my head is that the ink is colourbox - chestnut roan, the stamped image was inked using Staz On in Jet black.

Oooh! but wait! theres more! What is that sticking out of the pocket? could it be a book mark? Why! Yes it is!

So folks, that's it for today. I will be making two more cards this weekend but will only post about them on Monday. Hope you all enjoy yourselves until then!

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