Friday, November 26, 2010

All That Glitters

Time for another Papercraft Planet challenge! This one is for the group called Anything but Cute. This weeks challenge is all about the glitter!

I must admit I'm not one for using a lot of glitter on my work, although I love the effect :) and I do have more than enough glitter in my stash to last me a few months....comes with being a craft hoarder it seems.
And in keeping with the season, I made another christmas card. This one is not so 'plain' however :)

I have some lovely christmas themed paper that i purchased last year and decided it was time to put it to good use. I also recently purchased the cuttlebug dies that include small christmas trees, a snowman, a house, and snowflakes. I decided to go with the christmas trees for this project as including the rest might have turned this into a cute card - something I did not want!
I have these tubes of glitter glue (not sure if this is equivalent to the American stickles?) in my stash and thankfully I was crazy enough to buy a green one when I purchased these way back when because they came in handy when my green embossing glitter didn't quite give me the effect I was looking for.
Anyway, the sentiment comes from a pack of christmas tags (also purchased on sale just after last christmas) and is threaded through White ribbon. Again I turned to my trusty roan ink by colorbox to ink all edges.

I also want to say a big Whooooo are you? to my Secret Pal :) Whoever and wherever you may be! I hope you are enjoying the Group as much as I am.

Have a Fantastic Friday! It's almost Weekend!

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