Wednesday, October 26, 2011


...come out, come out wherever you are!

A two week, dry, crafty spell is not what I asked for, and is most certainly not something that I am enjoying very much. In my own defense I must admit to trying my hand at a card on Saturday night, failing and throwing a tantrum fit for a two year old.
I consoled myself with a book, a blankie and a good ole cuddle on the couch with my hubby.

All this said and done and I really am itching to make something, and it has to be soon. Before I forget what coloured paper looks like and how my craft knife actually works. Imagine me trying to figure out how the retractable blade pulls out? hmmm...

I have, in the mean time, busied myself with creating a few sketches to work from. I find the process quite fun and enjoyable. Here's the first one I created, feel free to use it :) I only ask that you credit me if you do.



  1. Well, that solves that one, then....your mojo has run off with my I'm snaggin' this fabby sketch as compensation....haaaaa!

  2. Can tell you're a dog lover! Great sketch, I might even have to try that one myself!

  3. Your mojo may be gone your creative juices have stayed put. Great sketch.

  4. One question - how can C tell you are a dog lover from this? Boggles the mind ;) Told you I don't do sketches but might give it a whirl this week-end if I find the time.

  5. It might be swimming with the sea turtle that is bringing my mail.....:P If I see it will send it back (Ali) XXX

  6. Huh!!!! Just finished posting about the "mojo snatcher" on AM's blog. I had mine snatched so did Ali and AM and now you to P....don't worry mine came back revitalised and I can't stop "carfting" at the mo.......and I have to say I am with B where's the dog in that sketch?????

  7. I suppose to use your design and actually make a card? hmmmm, perhaps that can be arranged. Tomorrow will tell. I'm feeling artsy...yeah, righttttt! lol I do like the layout! Thanks for sharing!


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