Thursday, October 13, 2011

Make a crap card great day!

Ahem, I apologise for my choice of words in explaining the blog post.....Sorry. But it really was true and I did make a crap card great, promise!

When I first started making card, I thought I was so clever. I made little note cards out of my scraps and used wage pockets for envelopes. Clever, yes. pretty? no. Well, not to my eye anyway. Not after a year of making cards and learning from some really talented people out there.

I failed to take a photo of the 'before', but can explain it pretty easily. the card was just a base with one piece of patterned paper on it. The envelope had one piece of embossed cardstock on it, with a button sewn to the bottom left corner.

I scratched like an eager chicken through my stash and found some die cut hearts, and heart bling and a worthy stamp. The die cut hearts have been lying in a black hole for the last two years, I think they are happy to see the light of day.

I added the hearts, stamped the sentiment and voila!

The envelope was treated with some patterned paper, glossy accents and the heart bling.

Don't they just look lovely together?

I hope everyone is having a good week so far, I'm finding it difficult to believe that we're almost half way through the month already!



  1. End result is lovely, trusting you original was not so good.

  2. Very nice, Petra!! I love looking at your tutorials...AND Birdie's too! Always put together so well. Love it! TFS!!


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