Friday, October 14, 2011

Colouring times equal fun times...

...sometimes. I struggle with colouring of images for my card projects. Really. I do. And it's not for lack of equipment either. I have Sharpies, koki's, Steadler fine tips, crayons, pencil crayons, fancy pencil crayons. Listing them out like this makes me feel kind of like a hoarder, but then which of us crafter's isn't?

Anyway, I struggled with colouring this image until I had a look at the packaging that the stamp came in. It was like a light bulb came on in my head and was flashing at lightning speed. I am good at copying. Whether it's actually drawing something or colouring it in, making a box or putting together a Scrapbook LO. I am good and it's a talent. It's probably the reason why I could never be an original artist.

So I picked up my sharpies and coloured my image by looking at how the packaging had 'coloured' her and came up with this (granted, much brighter and funkier) version:

It's not as expertly done as some of the 'professionals' out there in big wide card making world, but I think I did pretty well according to my standards and experience.

I put together the card with a mixture of patterned and plain cardstock, and adorned it with a big red bow. Bow envy anyone?

Put together, it looks like this:

Hope you all have a fantastic Friday! it's the weekend!



  1. P you are an original in everything - not a copy.
    Love your card, cheery and bright. Bow envy - ha, jealous as all get out more accurate.

  2. In my humble opinion, this is beautifully coloured, P....and a bright ickle fairy she is, too!
    The bow is a lovely finishing touch....did ya get it off a chocolate box? HAAAA!

  3. I love the bright colours you choose for the image, a real cute image at that.

  4. Lovely card. Do you have a special technique for tying those bows? Always so well done! And your fairy is colored very nicely!


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