Monday, October 10, 2011

2011 - A Year in Review: Week 24

I know that my weeks are a little backwards due to my post with Jenga last week (using an AiFactory image), so let's rewind a bit :)

Week 24 brought an amazing experience...viewing a total Lunar eclipse. wow! I can't remember all the facts around the eclipse, but I do know that it was a rare occurence that only happens every few years.  Loved putting this one together using another Layout from from Let's scrap :)

I used a mixture of scraps and new paper on this LO, it really is difficult to make a Scrapbook LO using only scraps when you need a humungously large 12x12 inch piece for the base! I did ensure though, that my journaling was done on scraps :) I made a litle boo boo on one of the blocks so I had to cut another small piece and stick it over...hmmm, does it look like it was meant to be there?

I also made use of my cuttlebug on this LO for the main title: Lunar Eclipse. It's actually a tag set. I cut the letters out for the word Lunar using the cuttlebug and then using my scissors, I cut off the top pieces that made them look like tags. I popped out the centre letters and stuck a piece of black cardstock behind each 'tag' so that the leters would look black and have more of an impact.

I cut letters out for the word eclipse too, but these are a normal letter set and I didn't need to cut any tags. I then adhered them all to a little circle I cut with my martha stewart circle cutter, don't you think it look like a mini moon?

I had to add the week in somewhere.... so I added another journaling piece. You can also see a bit of the ribbon I adhered to the page too!

Loved putting this together, it went soooooo quickly!

Bit disappointed with the quality of this pic, I think my lighting was off. hope you get the gist of it though.
Hope you are all well and enjoying a wonderful Monday so far :) Have a good one!



  1. Lighting off - I would never use that line. Ever...

    Nothing wrong with any of it P. Very creative and especially love the lunar eclipse in lower left. Aren't they something to see!

  2. WOW great pictures of the eclipse. Love the layout.


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