Tuesday, October 11, 2011

2011 - A Year in Review: Week 25

Kapow! wham! Bam! Peeeeew! .....

....No, I did not go mad :) These are typical sounds in our house when my hubby plays games on our PlayStation! Naturally, this was the highlight of Week 25. We play games on our PlayStation so often that I had to dedicate at least one of the weeks in my review to it. Granted, Hubster plays more than I do, but I still get my fair share (when I'm not crafting, that is).

I am proudly admitting that I used another Let's Scrap sketch on this one. They make life sooooo much easier! no more sitting, staring at paper, wondering what to do with it all :)
I did use scraps, but the base page is a clean, new, shiny piece out my pile of clean and shiny's.

First pic up is a close up of the brads I used. One big, pretty, spotted one from my friend Ace and three tiny's from my regular stash. The tiny one's seem to have got a bit squashed, I may have been too enthusiastic in my hammering of their backsides, but I must tell you that their quality is very poor and I am sorry I bought the pack.

Next up is my very own embellishment, made from pure scrappy goodness! I free handed the 'blast' onto the blue cardstock, then sort of traced a line around it on black cardstock, leaving a little matt gap. The centre circle was punched with a circle punch that belongs to my very kind MIL.

My main heading, sums up the load noise of the types of games my hubby likes to play. KAPOW! I traced the letters, using wooden letters in my stash, onto yellow cardstock. I then stuck it onto a strip of black cardstock and cut it all out to look like it had come out of a comic book strip.

I had to include journaling, it seems to be a staple for this book and describing each week as it goes by. I can only thank Mrs Nate (ooh! more on her later, and our big Secret Pal reveal!) for this idea. It reads: She said: I will take photo's of you playing your PlayStation for Week 25! He said: What a good idea...Not really.. Actually, He said...What are you doing?
Also, in the final LO photo, you will see words on some of the photo's. They are also compliments of Mrs Nate, from her Birthday package to me :)

I love the final layout, how it resembles a comic book full of action :) and the fact that I was creative in my embellishments and used up so much scrap paper!

That's it for now, I am thinking on a proper post to reveal MY Mrs Nate :) and all her wonderful goodness! Have a lovely Tuesday!


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  1. Holy jibberjabbers, Batman....this is awesome!!
    Loooove that lettering....looks really professional......and know what'cha mean about dodgy eyelets....messed up so many nice projects using 'em....lesson learned.....haaa!
    Not sure I want to know who Mrs. Nate is....have enjoyed the mystery....lol.


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