Monday, November 7, 2011

mew, mew, mew!

We have a new addition to the family, I must admit to not mentioning her to any of my blogging friends in the last few weeks....sorry :)

Her name is Geza, but we actually just call her Kat (the Afrikaans version for Cat). She is the cutest thing and I cannot get over the weird alien noises she makes when she whizzes past us, prancing on all four paws. Really, it is a sight to behold and has me cracking up in laughter almost every time.

My MIL got her about 2 months back and her growth rate is amazingly fast. She's gone from cute kitten to brazen teen in mere weeks and it is a battle to keep her from climbing the curtains...

Blessedly she gets along well with miss Jenga (our cute faced pekingnese). Granted, they chase each other all over the house while they play, but it is all in good fun and they thoroughly enjoy each other's company. What good little children they are.

I do realise that my toes are making another appearance on this blog, it seems they are attention hoggers. I will have to make sure they coordinate better with Kat's ginger hue next time they decide to make an appearance.


  1. She's soo cute!! And KAT is also the Danish name for cat :o)

  2. What a sweetie....she looks like she's wearin' a bonnet....haaaaa!
    Is it just her head that's in glorious GINGER...and what's up with that, may I ask?....or is she REALLY wearin' a hat? LOL!

  3. Still got her claws? Beware when they lay like that and dream. Just saying!

    A little hurt here - been wishing all these treats on poor Jenga and Kat has been totally ignored... Double the goodies for both.

  4. Geza is adorable. How can a calico be anything but? Congratulations on the new member of your family!!!


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