Friday, November 25, 2011

Row, row, row your boat!

Gently down the stream! Merrily! Merrily! Merrily! Life is but a Dream!

Hope you have your sing song voice going in your head, I couldn't resist :) I made a card with a sailboat on it as part of my commissioned cards this last week and am quite impressed with myself. I cut the boat pieces myself, no template used. Smug look on my face right now....

I used only scraps for this project, I seem to have so many. I cleared out my stash and repacked everything and found so many scrap pieces that were hiding their pretty faces from me. sigh* I don't think my journey with scrap paper will ever end.

The card is actually really simple, without too many layers. I used an Angel company stamp from the vintage rides set for the sentiment and a tiny piece of ribbon that I cut off a length I got from my special friend, Queen B.

Hope you like it, it was created for a male, egh! I really struggle with male cards.



  1. Aw! that a lovely card, your boat pieces are perfect. Well done you.
    My turn now - Row Row Row your boat .......

  2. P this is too cute! New career - template maker! Think you earned smug look. Now how do I sneak my scrap paper stash into your pile?


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