Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Adventures in crafting

I have really found my crafting bug again, it bit me hard. I think I have enough cards to last me a good couple of posts for the next two weeks. No joke. Only downside for you all is that they are all birthday card related because they have been made for a commissioned order.

I used another shaped ruler to trace a design I liked and then fussy cut with my craft scissors on this card. More scraps were utilised and I am really becoming convinced that this scrap pile of mine is starting to breed. Seriously, how much scrap paper can a girl have in her craft space? I am sure it is not normal, I have started to overflow out of the 6 pizza boxes I begged off a pizza place two months ago...


I used some gorgeous stickers bubble embellies that I got from way across the sea in the US of A :) Thanks Birdie! The ribbon came from my stash and the stars are Scrappy cat stamps that I stamped in blue and heat embossed with clear powder. This was quick and easy and oh so simple to put together.

I've put this one aside as a male card, despite the length of ribbon....



  1. Keep the birthday card posts coming......I need 4 male and 4 female ones for December...haaa!
    This one would suit my grandson, turnin' have my address....just sayin'..... :D

  2. Wow, that is a bright blue! Very summery. Grrrrr.

  3. P - three things...
    AM always begging for cards. Tut,tut.
    C ignoring the wonderful color yellow - ha, would we expect anything else? Maybe a sigh is called for?

    Most importantly, I think this card is wonderful and actually is gender neutral. Great job!

  4. I'll do it for you B tut...sigh really ladies....I love the blue too though P...yes and the yellow..ok and the orange. Really nice bright and cheerful card, wish I didn't always feel the need for an image...what is it with that?

  5. Awwwwwwwww! Cannot see the photos, for some reason my 'puter is refusing to show some pictures today. :(
    But I am sure the card is wonderful, as always.
    Will pop back when 'puter decides to behave

  6. I haven't checked in for awhile and have loved walking through your perky crafty days! Since we have mentioned favorite colors...I'm not sure I have one...does black count? BUT your card covers the rainbow in a wonderfully creative way! NICE!!!


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