Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Die cuts? What die cuts?

I pride myself on making do with what I have (albeit a mountain load of product) when it comes to my craft time and producing something different. I am blessed to have a lot of paper (including scraps..sigh*), embellishments, stamps and embossing folders. One thing I do lack however is a good couple of die cut sets to utilise on cards. Can anyone say Spellbinders? I think I have been drooling over the collection of die's at our local scrapbook store for well over a year now and I have never bought a single one. Go figure.

Anway, because of this little dilemma, I make my own funky shapes for cards using a few of the shaped rulers I do have as well as freehand (a lot). It makes the crative process so much more fun, to know that I have made something all on my own.

Todays card is one of those specimens that used my own die cut ability's :)


I dug through my scrap paper stash and put together a mix of different colours and patterns, inked everything in a red chalk and put together a ribbon and flower embellie in no time (yeah right, try two hours...)

I love the eclectic mix of patterns, and of course, the ribbon. It's like icing on a cake :)



  1. Well it looks fantastic. I used to do the same thing before I had any die cuts too. It doesn't matter how many you have, you always see others that you want. If only you have the money to do it. I still alter the few I have to make other shapes. Hugs lin

  2. Still do a lot of cutting by hand myself - have invested in a Sizzix earlier this year, so I can make some of the detailed die cuts with that one

  3. Two hours? That's nothing, if it were me I'd still be staring at the papers five days later. Another perfect P card :)

  4. So happy the Mojo snatcher returned and gave it back to you - did I not tell you he takes it just to give it a service and oil change. Very nice cards


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