Thursday, November 24, 2011

I've been a busy Bee!

The lack of posts on my blog lately hasn't been for lack of crafting. In fact, it is because I have been crafting so much that I have been AWOL.

I decided to advertise my services for making the advent calendar that I showed you all last year in one of my posts. I received a whopping 28 orders and I am still waiting to confirm more. I also had a stack of Birthday cards commissioned and those kept me busy for a good while too. I hate making rushed cards and really do try put an effort into bulk orders. I will show you some of the Christmas advents in a later post, today I want to show you the non-Christmas advents I made.

I used a tutorial I found for tissue paper flowers and couldn't resist using them as toppers! you can find the tutorial here.

I made up the advent using matchboxes and paper as usual, using brads and ribbons for the drawer handles. I used a range of embellies for the decor on the box panels and had a lot of fun with beads :)

I have even found a magnificent tutorial on how to make photo mosaics for your blog here. The website she uses is easy to navigate and quick too.

Here are the advents and my resulting photo mosaic :)


  1. 28 advent calendars?? WOW!! I am suffering from a severe case of procrastination so wondering if I will finish my Christmas cards in time. Love the angles on photos 3 + center + second last :o)


  3. Impressive - I like your mosaic :) AND your flowers.

  4. See you next year. lol with all the orders you have you will not have time to chat!
    Wow to you flowers, the are gorgeous. So full and soft looking.


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