Sunday, August 19, 2012

5 Tips every crafter should know

I hope this doesn't count as plagiarism, but I saw these tips in a magazine and couldn't help but think that I needed to share with my followers. I know about 95% of you all craft and that the info will come in handy (if you don't already know it).

So, without any further ado, here are 5 tips (plus my added commentary, couldn't leave you to read in peace without my two cents):

1. Keep your stamps clean - most ink will wipe off with a baby wipe, but permanent ink can only be removed with a solvent cleaner.
(the magazine mention StazOn stamp cleaner for the solvent cleaner - advertising much? lol! I personally didn't know about the baby wipe trick, it is one I will put into use from now on as it is a huge schlep to trot to the bathroom with a dirty stamp every time, in order to wash it off with soap and water)

2. Sharpen your punches by folding a sheet of foil several times and then punching through it.
(this is one I knew, but then forgot about. It really is a clever little trick and saves you from wondering how on earth you are going to afford 'another' punch)

3. Use non-stick scissors for cutting through tape and other sticky items, or clean scissors with alcohol wipes.
(I must admit that I have been blessed to have owned non-stick scissors from the start of my scrapbook and card making love affair so although the tip is a useful one, the 'problem' has never really been a 'problem' for me. I hope it helps you?)

4. Store your ink pads upside down to prevent them from drying out.
(what a great tip! I have had sooooo many ink pads dry out! going to turn all my ink pads upside down tonight)

5. Keep a pin in the end of your glitter glue to prevent blockages.
(well, I say forget about just the glitter glue, what about all your glue? I'm sure this could work for more brands? will try and let you all know, though I am sceptical as to how the pin will stay where it is if the nozzle is larger than the head? and if so, what to do as an alternative)

Hope you got some use out of the tips, I certainly gained a lot of knowledge I didn't have before.



  1. I did know about each of these tips, but doesn't hurt to go back to basics sometimes, lol.
    Just to add to your two cents: don't use baby wipes with an alcohol content on your stamps...can shrink the inking surface; the pin trick does work on all glues...use a cocktail stick for larger apertures....tried and tested! The foil trick can work on your larger dies, too...especially if you've been cutting felt or chipboard.
    Enjoy the rest of the weekend, P. :D

  2. I'm pleased to say I do all these already, except for the non stick scissors, but then I rarely use sticky tapes and such that need cutting. I keep a pack of baby wipes beside me when crafting, wonderful for cleaning my hands, wiping up wet glue etc. Great idea to post the tips. Hugs lin

  3. My two cents is not all ink pads should be stored upside down. Really only applies to dye inks. Second, make sure pins are stainless steel or they do eventually "rust" and will dirty the glue nozzle. Third alcohol is great for removing tape residue as is Goo Gone here in the states. Some swear by dipping scissors in ice cold water in between. This has not worked for me but I know it does for some.

    Baby wipes get expensive here, so save the container and put toweling or sponge in a homemade stamp cleaner solution. There are some really good ones that work on the web. Much cheaper.

  4. Great tips, P. I knew about most except the non-stick scissors - never knew you could get non-stick.
    Have tried the pin trick - a little late about the stainless steel pins though B, I have some cards that went to their new homes where the glue was a little orangie instead of snow white! I was also told the "blue tack" on the nozzle also does the trick.
    Yep, baby wipes - the best thing since soap and water.


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