Saturday, August 11, 2012

Simple Savers & Caft Pal Gifts

The two are one and the same. I recieved a gift from a craft friend, who seems to come from the USA by looks of the postage stamp? The reason I do not know who she is, is because we are part of a group called Secret Pals...the same one I was part of last year. I will not find out she is until the end of the Secret Pal Term, which is still a couple of months away.

The aim of the group is to send a person (pre-assigned by the co-ordinators) anonymous cards throughout the year. Gifts are optional to send but not necessary. The aim of the group is to pass on a little kindness to someone else and get to know someone new :) We have ladies from all different parts of the world in our group. The group in question can be found at the site under the Anything Goes logo.

I have so far recieved a box filled with craft goodness, and two envelopes filled with same. My Secret Pal's 'name' is Sea Hag. Interesting name. In her most recent envelope to me she included two card kits and a couple of embossed blocks of vellum. How nice of her to make crafting so easy for me :)

See the aqua coloured card with the pink and white accents in the middle? I got to play with that this morning....

I added a couple of items and techniques...

And got this....

I stamped and wet embossed an image from a stamp pack I got from my Germany-based friend, Maria - for my birthday, called 'Cameo Image' by My Paper World. Ink used was Micia. Not a well-known brand I don't think, but the sponge is deliciously juicy and full of ink. The flat backed pearls were bought for R4.00 a pack of 50...Bargain.

The sentiment is from a set my American friend, Bridgette, sent me last year. Forgive me B, but I do not know the company name? It is mounted the same as Angel company rubber stamps, so that would be my best guess. Stamp pad used was Pretty Color, also deliciously juicy.

I made a matching bookmark, using a border image from the same cameo stamp set, the same ink, and the same embossing method. The sentiment is, I am assuming, an Angel company stamp and is from the My Inspiration set (T2390).

I will be thanking you in the group forum, but, thank you  Sea Hag for providing an awesome craft session for me. What you are will truly show in what you do, and your kindness and thoughtfulness proves you to be a kind and thoughtful individual.


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  1. What a wonderful gift you received, and what a wonderful creation you made from it. Love the cameo stamp and the colour you used with it. Well done.


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