Friday, March 9, 2012

Alcohol markers

I had a wonderful birthday in February, spoilt till I was giddy and could have sworn my smile was reaching past the borders of my face. It was much needed amongst the stress I have been going through at work and was a real pick me up. Work is still stressful, but I am happy to report that my company is in the process of interviewing people in order to add another body to my department. This should aleviate quite a bit of my workload and allow me to delegate those things that take too much of my time.

Hopefully that explains my long absence on here, the need to blog was not very strong after a long day :)

ANyway, back to the birthday spoiling. I received a set of Promarkers from a very special friend. Promarkers. I couldn't believe my eyes. Promarkers. Promarkers. Promarkers!

Yes, I did open the package immediately, and yes I coloured as many images as I possibly could! Sigh* it made me a very happy crafter indeed. They make me feel like my stash is complete and that I can go on to create wonderful things!

I promised my friend I would show her my first coloured image. So, here it is, in all it's Beatrix Potter'ish glory (because really, doesn't it just remind you of the Beatrix Potter character's?)

I mounted him on an all white card, and added brown accents in the form of inking and faux stitch lines along some of the edges. The embossing was, of course, achieved with my cuttlebug and a Provocraft embossing folder. I will have to double check on the artist of the stamp I used, I got him free from one of the crafting mags. The sentiment is a Kaiserkraft stamp, stamped in black :)

I am amazed at the difference having a set of alcohol markers makes to my colouring. I made a few cards this last week with images I had coloured with my sharpies (granted I am not that good of a 'colourer') and the difference is quite clear. I have now combined both the use of Sharpies and Promarkers after a bit of advice and am finding the results quite pleasing, but more on that in another post.

Here is the final product.



  1. Lovely card Petra, such a cute image. He came with the Papercraft Inspirations mag. I am busy right now using the little hedgehog. Hope you get the extra hands at works soon

  2. Wondering what was keeping you away from the crafting world, now I know - life/work, hope that sorts itself out soon. lol
    This is a beautiful cute card and the colouring is great.Love how his little belly shows. lol ProMarkers are so easy to use, never be afraid of having lines showing again.

  3. Welcome were missed! And welcome to the loyal band of PMers...haaa! Lovely colouring on the little guy, P....I got him, too but haven't used him yet. Love the embossing...very classy!

  4. P!!!!! You are a natural with those markers! Colour away!

  5. Wow! Nice Job P! What a difference alcohol markers make eh? You certainly are a natural with them!


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