Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Plain and simple scrapbooking

I love my scrapbooking as much as I love my card making. There is something different about putting paper together to match a photo or set of photo's theme instead of an occasion.

We don't have children so that area of scrapbooking is like the wilderness, no make that the Saharan desert, to me. BUT, we have family and we have pets and I love to take photo's of wildlife. That's a pretty large canvas of ideas.

I often want to go the full hog and place tons of embellishments, patterns and ribbon on a page. Sometimes, it just isn't needed and I tell myself to go back to basics, it's about the photograph and not the beautiful scrapbooking supplies.

So, that was my inspiration behind today's post, a plain and simple scrapbook page.

I used a sum total of two embellishments, plus the title. I used scrap paper to make the embellies too! and the stripe paper behind the photo's is also out of my scrap box :)

It might a bit plain for some, but I sure enjoyed the change.



  1. Hi Petra, thanks so much for your comment. I didn't stiffen that ribbon as it's kinda double-sided so a good weight...I just secured every so often with a tiny glue dot as I curled it - hope that helps you! Love your simple style!!

  2. This is lovely, so simple and to the point, P. Family are the people that matter, we are very lucky to have families that we cherish and that cherish us, no matter what.
    Don't know how I missed this when it was first posted but better late than never! lol


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