Friday, February 3, 2012

Racy Lace

I have seen a lot of lace being used in the craft world lately, well, actually, for a long time now. I am scared of it's delicateness and it's vintage quality. How on earth do you do justice to lace on a project? I find it near impossible.

We have paper doily's in the kitchen that have a lacy pattern around the edge, I used one of these for the Christmas wreath I made back in December 11. I took another one and decided to put it to use on a card...

I also have these really awesome handmade flowers I received from a crafty friend that I spruced up with some pearl brads from yet another crafty friend :) As I type this I realise I know a lot of crafty people because I also used a strip of REAL lace ribbon, also received from a crafty friend (it was actually part of another gifts packaging...recycling is par for the course in crafting)

The stamp I used on this card was bought for me by my hubby, isn't he too sweet? I love the Victorian look of the image, and stamped and embossed it in gold.

I used scrap paper for the base and pattern of the card, I don't even think it's necessary for me to comment on the enormity of my scrap stash anymore...

I can't quite decide if I like it or not, maybe if I look at it again another day?

Have you played with lace on your projects yet? I'd love to see what you've come up with!



  1. Hi Petra!

    Stunning card! I love the gold embossing and the lace is super pretty!

    I make my own envelope boxes. With all the flowers and stuff on my cards, a normal envelope will not do! Go to and look under freebies. The template is called memory keeper. Super easy box to make. Just adjust the size to fit your card!

    Where do you buy your lace?


    1. Thanks Wendy :)

      I will definitely grab the template! All the lace in my stash at the moment comes from craft friends around the world, I have spied a haberdashery shop close to our house though that looks promising for a couple of lace pieces :)

  2. Well Petra I think its lovely and am intriqued by the paper in the background, it looks like canvas or linen. I for one love lace and use it quite a lot. Doilies however I always struggle with and yet others ( as in this card) use them so perfectly. Great hint about the envelope Wendy. I have to keep my cards under 10mm thick otherwise I have to post them as a parcel and the price for a card more than triples. So I have made myself a postal slot that is 10mm wide : )

  3. What were you worried about? This is adorable, and looks truly vintage to me, and you nailed it with the layout...just lovely!


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