Sunday, September 9, 2012

Quite possibly the worst outfit ... like... ever...

So, my venture into the world of sewing began this weekend... sort of. I finally pulled the monster out of it's box and onto my workstation (read decorative bar area).

But before I relay my experience, let me show you my first ever (sewing related) haberdashery purchase. Hubby was with me on this momentous occasion and offered to pay for my purchase that included a washout fabric pen, safety pins, pins, elastic, buttons, fabric and cotton. All for a tidy sum of One hundred and Ninety Seven South African Rands.

I really felt lost inside the store, and I was not as confident as I usually am when walking into a craft store, for instance. I did not know where to find anything, in fact, I did not know what I was even looking for. I knew I needed fabric and elastic and cotton. Full stop. Only once I got there did I realise I needed pins, possibly a fabric pen and some 'nice to haves'. I didn't bother with scissors as my in-laws have two and I plan to borrow until I can get my own. They cost an arm and a leg.

My new sewing machine truly is an art piece waiting to be admired, I really love it. I took the photo just before I tried to thread the needle. An easier task than I had imagined, due to the handy 'auto-threader'. More on this in another post though.

I took some advice from my MIL and washed the fabric before I got underway. Once washed and dried, I ironed it. Where to next? The video online for the one-hour skirt, by Brett Bara. I said I was going to make this my first project didn't I?

I'm not going to go into details, but I followed the tutorial pretty much one hundred percent. I am pretty happy with my methodology and straight lines on my first sewing attempt, and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know my machine. Without sounding too chuffed with myself, I do think that my seams and waistband were pretty well worked.

What I did not enjoy, was the realisation that I had completely chosen and bought the WRONG type of material for this skirt. It was face palm moment of massive proportions when I pulled the thing on and realised the material was way too stiff. I did not even bother to hem it... I think I will be unpicking the stitches and turning the material into clever pen holders for my craft friends....

It sucks that I couldn't get it entirely right with my first attempt, but, I guess it just goes to show that everything you blog about is not always going to come out looking peachy. And just to prove that I'm not scared of admitting my mistakes, here's a nice big photo of the finished product (minus the hem).

Laughed enough? Here's hoping my next attempt will not be so 'green' and that I can choose the RIGHT material!



  1. It's a great attempt Petra! :D at least you can make a nice skirt with your singer machine. I bought a very mini sewing machine few weeks ago & cost me about USD20 but until now I just don't know where to start :D but will upload the result on my blog once I know what I'm going to make :P

  2. Ah! Petra, you are being too hard on yourself. First attempt and you can wear it! It is all a matter of practice. Love the little flourishes on the bottom of the machine. Would make a lovely stamp for cards or scrapbooking. ;)

  3. Oh Petra....sorry but that is very funny. I think you did a great job for your first attempt and it is a all a learning curve. Actually if you washed it, it may soften and hang better and could come to be your favourite skirt.

    Thanks for the photo tips by the way, I shall try Blutak, Never thought to put them on the wall and will definietly download picaso.

    Nice shoes by the way......

  4. Live and learn. I think for a first attempt you did a wonderful job -- straight seams, great waist band AND most importantly, you got that needle threaded and had a good introduction to your new machine. Can't wait to see what you attempt next.

  5. How did I miss this post? Your first attempt was 1,000 times better than my 10th. Trust me on that.Did you ever think of do a skort with this one?


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