Monday, October 15, 2012

Me and my....Cameo

So, me and my Cameo have been getting better acquainted in the last few weeks, and albeit not as much craft time as I would like I have definitely had some fun. I've downloaded more files than I think I will ever use, and I am already starting to rethink that monthly subscription... but you know, what's a crafter to do if she can't hoard a little?

I am in love with the fast paced and efficient way I am able to get cards and scrapbook pages done, especially when I get to use shapes which I would have had to hand cut or punch (please note that I only have two border punches) before.

I made a batch of note cards a while back, to keep in my stash for when the need arises, I utilised one particular shape in my silhouette program and cut a multitude of pieces of paper with my industrial paper trimmer (thanks hubby! still using this gift to within an inch of its life!). Although I could have cut the paper pieces with the silhouette as well, it was just uneconomical for me to waste my cutting mat, blade and time, constantly changing out pieces of paper to be trimmed down. I was cutting squares you see and nothing too fancy.

A couple of trusty stamps (mostly Angel company and Kaiserkraft branded) from my stash and a LOT of scrap paper later, I have quite a few pretties to place into my stash box. Thanks Silhouette! and trusty paper trimmer (of course)



  1. Wonderful cards, Petra, love the frames and the different coloured stamps you used.

  2. All of these are so cute. Keep thinking about getting a Cameo sometime.


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