Sunday, January 22, 2012

You and Me Always

Well, it has been a decidely long time since my last post and quite frankly I am embarrassed. I went from being an every day blogger to one that stopped posting. How on earth will you all ever forgive me? How will I forgive myself? In putting off the blog I ended up putting off my crafting time and my creativity streak suffered for it.

Sigh* I cannot turn back the clock though and I shall just have to make up for my crafty misgivings. I did manage to craft quite a bit in the last week and I am soooo happy with how everything turned out. It seems a craft break was exactly what I needed, along with a good dose of craft magazine reading to boost the creativity juices.

I made scrapbook pages, cards, Danish hearts and even covered a shoebox for completed cards to be stored in. Happiness describes the feeling I have as I type this :)

I am rambling, let me show you one of my projects instead.

A 12x12inch scrapbook page! I love this photo of me and my hubby, posing in our ever so cool 3D glasses that we bought when we went to see a 3D movie at the cinemas. And I love my hubby even more for loving me enough to indulge my sillyness when it came to taking the pic :)

I used a full pattern page for the base and half of a circle page left over in my stash for the main paper pieces. The tiny red rectangle to the bottom left of the photo came out of the scrap paper pile (Yes, I still have the pile, it never decreases in size). I raised both the half circle and the photo on foam.

I traced the letters for 'You' and 'Me' using Mia Road letters, that I got last year from an unknown recipient in my Secret Pals group on Papercraftplanet, onto some brown dotted paper. I cut them out and traced around the edges with my black sharpie. The '&' and the 'always' are sticker letters from my stash.

I popped on some candy, a bit of ribbon and a 7 Gypsies sticker and Bob's your uncle (or your auntie) the page was done! Not my usual taste, what with the bright colours and all but I actually love it :) I think I am being converted to the bright and funky. Good thing too, cause now I can get rid of some of the pages I have been avoiding in my stash for ages!

So until my next post, thank you for putting up with my absence and coming back to visit :)



  1. Great lay-out, you both look so "cool".
    Your blogging break was not as bad as mine so don't worry about it. {hugs}

    1. Looks real great and cool, love the 'love' surrounding it!!!
      Check out this link, cause commenting on your blog seems to be a prob and the link shows how to eliminate that!!
      lotsa luv


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