Friday, January 27, 2012

I (heart) Hearts!

I recently got a gift from far away, it travelled over many countries borders to reach me. I opened it with much vigour and played with the contents the same day I recieved it...

My very own, Danish heart :) you can see another version of this one on Crafty Claire's blog too, we run in the same circles...

For even more amazing hearts, you must visit Anne's blog, dedicated to one of these hearts a day. The variations she has are amazing!

Pretty no? I think so :)



  1. That is beautiful. Perfect. Just love the colours.

  2. Can't believe how beautiful all these hearts have been....Anne should set up a shop! Good to see you "pop up" in my reader, P.!

  3. Nice detail about the gems on the heart :o) Our fairy tale writer Hans Christian Andersen was the first one to make a weaved heart - but believe that those hearts are now a fairy tale of their own since they are travelling the world.


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