Monday, August 11, 2014

Just bag it!

I don't know about you but I often look for last minute gift bags for gifts and I hate buying them from the store. I.e. Scratch around in the gift wrap cupboard looking for a bag previously received to 're-cycle' - I feel bad about it but what can I do?

So I thought I should build a little stock pile of my own hand-made bags, something I don't need to feel bad about giving a gift! And, I won't have to panic about not having anything to place a gift in either! Two birds with one stone...although that imagery is more gory to me than anything else...moving along swiftly.

I've made this before, the bag-a-lope. A wonderful little idea that some genius came up with. I used an A4 UNISA envelope, I have so many of them lying around due to the fact that I submit my university assignments through the electronic medium they have, rather than through the post. You could use any A4 envelope for this project really, I love the brown of my UNISA envelopes though :)

If you are looking to make this for yourself, you can follow the tutorial on
It's really simple, and the most time you will spend on putting the bag together, is decorating the front panel. I had to decorate the back of my bag as well, due to the return address information that UNISA requires on their envelopes - I had to cover this up.

This is literally a 30 minute or less project and I strongly encourage you to try it for yourself. Once you've made a few, the folding becomes second nature and the project an even quicker finish. I've also adapted my score lines to enable the bags to fold flat for storage...tutorial to follow for those interested.

Happy crafting!


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