Saturday, May 17, 2014

My happy place

Like many crafters before me, I can confess that my happy place is at my desk. Cutting paper soothes the busy mind, and keeps idle hands busy. Today has been no exception. Albeit a form of procrastination against my studies.

I'm having a pink day actually, the paper is speaking to me from the depths of their piles...let's just pretend that it's not my favourite colour to work with shall we? Let's pretend that I hate it, and that I did a fantastic job moving out of my element.

I've been avoiding my silhouette of late, and paying more attention to my 'older', more traditional tools. Tools like my punches, embossing powders and Cuttlebug. I find it a good way to get back to basics, and besides , not everyone has the luxury of owning their own electronic die cutting machine. I'm trying to keep this blog simple, somewhere that new or inexperienced crafters can come to for inspiration, without feeling overwhelmed by the things that they don't have...keeping in mind that I don't exactly buy every single tool and accessory out there either.

I think my favourite card today  is the one on which I sewed. All it took was some scrap paper (good way to diminish your ever growing pile), a circle punch, a stamp (and clear embossing powder) and my sewing machine. Granted, it would look just as pretty if you didn't sew on it.

Easy, quick, simple, effective. Just the way I like it.


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  1. Sweet card! Someday I will try sewing on paper. Just need medics on standby as sewing machines are not my friend.


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