Sunday, February 2, 2014

Jenga's first craft lesson

When we got Jenga (read: cute, flat faced, pekingnese...), it was in the middle of winter. The little fluffball would love to cuddle in her fleece blanket, on someone's lap. This is something she still loves to do.

I was putting together mini notecards for a local scrapbook store to make into kits when Jenga decided it was time for her blankie. Did you know dogs could be so demanding? for someone who can be very indecisive, it sure is an adjustment having a dog that is very much the opposite!

Naturally, I asked hubby to grab the camera for the moment :) and Jenga's first craft lesson began...

She thought it was the Best Day Ever! at that point :) Look how nicely she posed for the camera too :) I used leftover's from a Simple Stories kit (24/7 range) I got from  a scrapbook weekend away last year, and a sheet of black cardstock.

My hubby loves the speech bubble next to Jenga, lol! he thinks it's too funny :) I think it's too clever :)



  1. Lovely feature of Jenga. i also like the speech bubble and the sun like brad feature at the bottom.

  2. P, I think that bubble should say "Where's my treat/" Okay, yours is cuter...


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