Thursday, January 2, 2014

Straight lines (a mini stamping tutorial)

I know that my crafting friends are definitely not new to stamping, but there may be a new reader out there, or someone new to card making that is unsure of how to get this right.

I'm talking about stamping your sentiments in a straight line. We've all been there, new to stamps and how to get them to actually 'stamp' where you want them to. Sounds stupid because it should stamp where you put it right? Yes, technically...but is it straight?

I know that I struggled a lot with this when I started, and through experience and hard lessons, I figured out a way to fix my 'problem'.

The photographs are pretty self explanatory, so here goes:

I know some mounting blocks have lines on them, and that's great if you can buy one! If you can't, I hope the above tutorial will help you in your quest towards straight stamping!



  1. Great hint P! Now I only need to find a solution to stop me from tilting my head when stamping...

  2. Yeah, That head tilt is still a problem for me too! But a very nice tutorial, I will have to give this method a try! Thanks, Petra.

  3. A wonderful reminder for anyone! Happy 2014!


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