Sunday, January 12, 2014

I go banana's over you!

I've had a pretty quiet Sunday lounging around and crafting. I didn't really have much inspiration this morning so I trolled a few sites to get some challenges to enter. My quest was successful and I found a large number of challenge sites that tickled my fancy.

I've managed four cards so far, and thought I would get about blogging them before I get carried away at my desk. I'll stagger the posts though...

The first card's inspiration came from Muse, a card challenge blog with three rules:

  • Use the Muse card as inspiration, explain your interpretation and link back to Muse. 
  • Provide supportive comments to at least 3 of your fellow member’s submissions. 
  • Vote for 3 of your fellow member's submissions that you find inspiring.
    Easy enough right?
    Washi tape is awesome, and yet I do not own a single roll. I'd love to buy some for myself but I cannot warrant spending the amounts of money that some of these rolls cost. I'm on a tight crafting budget and I am on a mission to only use what I have in my craft room as at the end of last year. This doesn't mean, however, that you are not allowed to gift me some rolls for my birthday this year...hint, hint, nudge nudge hubby...
    What I do have, in place of washi tape, is a washi tape look-a-like stamp by Yours Truly Rubber Stamps (ST3610). There are about 6 different washi looking stamps in this set and I utilised two on my card.
    I'm talking about washi tape, because the washi tape on the Muse card was my inspiration.
    I've sort of 'flipped' the 'layout' of the muse card over to the right hand side. The monkey is from a sticker set by Special moments scrapbooking, it's only labelled chip board embellishments. The sentiment is handwritten by yours truly..
    I even took the time to embellish the card inner. When the front of my cards are really CAS (Clean And Simple), I try to do a little something to match on the inside.
    I really had fun with this, thanks for dropping by to have a look!


    1. Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment! i ADORE this monkey card - he is so cute hanging around -- but really the inside made my day with that banana! It made me smile -- LOVE IT~

    2. Really cute card! Love the monkey and the washi tape.

    3. Saw your card over at MUSE - so cute!!


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