Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy! Happy!

Happy New Year! May 2014 be a year that brings you many blessings, and much happiness!

I'm not one for new year's resolutions, but I must admit it is tempting. I could think of a LOT of things, but that may be a problem when I try to stick to all of them :) Do you have any resolutions that you've made? If I had to choose one and stick to it, it would be to take life a little more slowly, breathe a little more deeply and just relax!

We spent a quite evening at home last night, and I just thought I'd tempt you a little bit with our dinner...

Drooling? I was!

I worked on a masculine card this evening, and for once, I quite enjoyed the process! I even know why... I ignored trying to scratch through scrap paper (just to use it), and instead took a finger paper stroll through some old papers that had been forgotten. Ah! what a find! I cannot believe some of the things I have let gather dust! I think the scrap heap is going to have to grow for a while.

Loving the curled edges on my banner, and the twine around the rectangle is too delicious looking. Did you know that you can make an embellishment out of just about anything? See that X on the card? it was a discarded, unused wooden letter!

That's it from me, may your first day of the year be an absolute magical one, enjoy the well-deserved rest while you can!



  1. Happy New Year!!! What an outstanding pic you posted to celebrate 2014 -- I love the tone and grain! The food -- ahhh!, the food looks scrumptious -- if it was half as good as it looks, you had a feast indeed! And your fun fun masculine card is wonderful. I hope you have a blessed, happy and prosperous New Year!

  2. Great man card P! Shut my eyes no the food - if I can't see it, the calories can't find me ;)

  3. Great masculine card- love the use of stamps . The cheese platter is a close second!


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