Monday, January 20, 2014

An altered Canvas

I have had a little canvas lying around in my 'stuff' box. It was one of those purchases I made, knowing it would become an epically gorgeous project some know, those projects that come along every once in a while, kind of like the altered white tray I made a while back (which I have respectfully removed from my blog upon the request of the person it was sent to). I find that these kinds of projects are the more personal projects, and they are usually made as gifts or take up a special place in your home.

Today's project was given to my Best Friend, as a sort of Christmas gift. It is a photograph of her and I that I placed on my little canvas...Love you Charlene! My little chicken :)


Friday, January 17, 2014

Bride to be

My little sister got married in December. My LITTLE sister guys. The one seven years younger. The one who turned 21 in November. Hectic. I am so happy for her :)

I cried when she asked me to be her Maid of Honour (technically Matron - since I'm married...and old - but let's not go there, I like the sound of Maid of Honour much better!). And I was even more touched when she refused to have her bridal shower without me. She told me point blank that it wouldn't be her shower if I wasn't there to organise and attend like I should. Stephan and I live about 8 hours away from them so it was kind of difficult to get there for a party a month before the wedding...

So I organised and I bought things, and I made things, and I invited people, and I organised some more. Some things couldn't happen the way I planned or envisioned them but a party is like crafting...only you know where the mistakes are. I think it went well, and I hope that we all managed to make a memory for my sister that she can keep for a lifetime, especially considering the fact that she had her party the night before her wedding.

I took a couple of snaps, and in case you were wondering, none of the food was externally catered. I even made and iced the cupcakes myself (pats self on back).

P.S. The beautiful lady in the black and white photograph is my mom, on one of the rare occasions that she actually allows me to photograph her...Love you mom, you are the most beautiful woman in the world. xoxo



Thursday, January 16, 2014

Just Saying Hello

I recently applied to be on the DT for Inspired By Stamping. I don't know what I was thinking...not having an active blog for the last...year! But I gave it a go anyway.


Anyway, the DT has been announced and I'm not on it :) Congratulations to those who did! It is sure to be an amazingly rewarding experience and you all deserve it!

As part of your application, you had to submit a card that used the colour scheme and theme given in a photo. It was a bunch of pink roses with a French country theme. Gorgeous! truly Gorgeous!

This was my submission, I loved every moment of putting it together and it was the last card I made in 2013 :)


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Bugs 'n' Kisses

I think that of the four cards I created on Sunday, this one is my favourite. The stamp set is quite old and I got it for free in issue number 83 of Simply Cards and Papercraft Magazine. It's a Pink Petticoat clear stamp set.

It is truly amazing to me how true the saying, 'out of sight, out of mind', is. I discovered a wealth of crafting things this weekend because I decided to dig through things. I have soooooooo much ribbon (and an unposted ribbon storage idea), embellishments, and even stamps that have never been used before. It's ridiculous. The stamp set is one of them.

Before I continue with my supply list, I have to tell you about the challenge blog that inspired this card. The Card Concept currently has a colour challenge going, it was right up my alley!

So one of the things about The Card Concept, is that you need to explain what style card you've made. I'm hoping this has qualified under clean and Simple? there is a lot of white space.....

The big brown flower is by Petaloo and comes from their Pennylane Garden collection. The smaller flowers are unbranded (I have complained about this before - scrapbook stores should label these flowers even if they are breaking them into smaller packs...)

The image(s) is coloured with promarkers and was stamped with a black Pretty Color stamp pad.

The inside was finished with a single bug. also coloured with Promarkers.

Thanks for stopping by!


Monday, January 13, 2014

Delight in the little things

How true the above saying? It is most often by delighting in the little things that we truly find happiness. It's the small moments in life that help to make it all worthwhile.

This card was also inspired by the Less is more challenge of a one layered card, but it does not qualify because it does not have a heart on it unfortunately.

I inked the entire front of the card in two different blue's, and stamped two images from a My Paper World stamp set called Springtime and Easter Bunnies. The sentiment is an Angel Company sentiment from the set called 'Be Happiness'.


Sunday, January 12, 2014

Two hearts beat as one

Continuing with my CAS mood today, is a card inspired by the Case this Sketch challenge blog. They're already on challenge number 59! I have a feeling they'll be around for a long time, the challenges are fun and inspiring.

Unlike the sketch, I've chosen to use hearts instead of feathers. I've also not used any layering whatsoever and this card only utilised two stamp pads and two steadler fine tip pens. In fact, this qualifies me for another challenge, Less is More. Their challenge is a one layer card...and let's face it, this card is pretty one layered.

The hearts are from a Scrappy Cat stamp set called Timbres Clair, and the sentiment is a Kaisercraft mini clear stamp from a set called Wedding. The lines around the border have been drawn in with a ruler and a steadler fine tip pen (red and black)

Like the card from earlier, I've finished the card inner as well.

Thanks for stopping by!


I go banana's over you!

I've had a pretty quiet Sunday lounging around and crafting. I didn't really have much inspiration this morning so I trolled a few sites to get some challenges to enter. My quest was successful and I found a large number of challenge sites that tickled my fancy.

I've managed four cards so far, and thought I would get about blogging them before I get carried away at my desk. I'll stagger the posts though...

The first card's inspiration came from Muse, a card challenge blog with three rules:

  • Use the Muse card as inspiration, explain your interpretation and link back to Muse. 
  • Provide supportive comments to at least 3 of your fellow member’s submissions. 
  • Vote for 3 of your fellow member's submissions that you find inspiring.
    Easy enough right?
    Washi tape is awesome, and yet I do not own a single roll. I'd love to buy some for myself but I cannot warrant spending the amounts of money that some of these rolls cost. I'm on a tight crafting budget and I am on a mission to only use what I have in my craft room as at the end of last year. This doesn't mean, however, that you are not allowed to gift me some rolls for my birthday this year...hint, hint, nudge nudge hubby...
    What I do have, in place of washi tape, is a washi tape look-a-like stamp by Yours Truly Rubber Stamps (ST3610). There are about 6 different washi looking stamps in this set and I utilised two on my card.
    I'm talking about washi tape, because the washi tape on the Muse card was my inspiration.
    I've sort of 'flipped' the 'layout' of the muse card over to the right hand side. The monkey is from a sticker set by Special moments scrapbooking, it's only labelled chip board embellishments. The sentiment is handwritten by yours truly..
    I even took the time to embellish the card inner. When the front of my cards are really CAS (Clean And Simple), I try to do a little something to match on the inside.
    I really had fun with this, thanks for dropping by to have a look!

    Saturday, January 11, 2014

    2014 Fridge Calendar

    We may already be 11 days into the new year, but it isn't too late to churn out a calendar for it! I've been working on and off on this calendar since around the 31st of December and I am proud to say that I have finally stopped tinkering...

    I have had a particular stamp set in my stash for two years...without ever using it. I am guilty of craft hoarding and I admit it freely. In my defence, I think it was well worth the wait and I needed to really know what I wanted to do with it.

    Said stamp set is a calendar set. It contains a grid for the dates (including day of the week markers), months, birdies, flowers, flower stems and a few bits and bobs. Not a bad stamp set for R135 actually, provided you actually use it that is.

    So, on old years eve, I stamped my heart out. grid after grid, month after month, bird after get the idea. I used up scrap white card that I have been trying to get rid of forever, I used up brightly coloured cardstock (that I have also been trying to get rid of forever - keeping in mind that I often stay away from bright colours). I got to colour! a lot! It made for a very therapeutic evening indeed.

    And then I didn't know what else to do. So I left it to mull a bit. and this evening I added ribbon, lots of glorious ribbon. And now I feel it is complete.

    For those who absolutely have to know, the stamp set is by Micia Crafts. Unfortunately Micia don't seem to label their stamp sets so I don't know what to call it, other than a calendar stamp set? I used a combination of sharpies and Promarkers to colour the various images, and the colour cardstock is Papermates. The actual dates have been written in to each grid by hand.

    I decided to punch holes at the top of each page in order to hold everything together, and used twine to eventually do so. I have these really cute peg magnets on the fridge so I've used these to hold the twine.

    I alternated the colour cardstock as well as the embellishments and stamps. The birdie stamps remained a constant throughout, as did the flowers. The flowers, however, have different stems and heads throughout.


    All that's left to do now is to add the public holiday dates within each favourite part of any calendar :)


    Tuesday, January 7, 2014

    Ten Minute card making with your silhouette

    You know, sometimes I think I could be the spokesperson for the Silhouette Cameo. Lol! So, anyway, I wanted to make a quick card, something that would take me less than ten minutes. I managed it in less ;) I seriously timed myself with a stopwatch...chief nerd, I know.

    If you'd like to give this a go, you will need the following:

    - three pieces of patterned paper. These must be big enough for the cut file sizes. I used paper from the Simple Stories Snap Life paper pad.
    - one piece of cardstock. This must also be big enough for the cut file size
    - embellishments: I used the simple stories paper pad to cut out a part of my sentiment. Buttons, twine, brads.

    The cut file I used was (click on the link to go to it's exact location in the silhouette store):

    - Side step card

    The rest is easy! no need to explain it to a silhouette user now is there? This literally took me about nine and a half minutes to put together. I saved time by threading the buttons with floss while one of the cuts was on the go, and tied the twine while the last piece was being cut.

    How fun? and easy? right? The store has so many ready to cut and assemble cards, perfect for those days when you have no ready-made cards in your stash (pft! yeah right!) or if you don't have just the right card available, or heck, if you just feel like playing a bit with your silhouette!


    Thursday, January 2, 2014

    Straight lines (a mini stamping tutorial)

    I know that my crafting friends are definitely not new to stamping, but there may be a new reader out there, or someone new to card making that is unsure of how to get this right.

    I'm talking about stamping your sentiments in a straight line. We've all been there, new to stamps and how to get them to actually 'stamp' where you want them to. Sounds stupid because it should stamp where you put it right? Yes, technically...but is it straight?

    I know that I struggled a lot with this when I started, and through experience and hard lessons, I figured out a way to fix my 'problem'.

    The photographs are pretty self explanatory, so here goes:

    I know some mounting blocks have lines on them, and that's great if you can buy one! If you can't, I hope the above tutorial will help you in your quest towards straight stamping!