Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Hello Bluebird!

There is something about mixing bold colours with neutral tones that is fascinating to me, they work so well.

I made this project with my ... Silhouette Cameo! ta da! If you want to make it yourself you can use the following cut files:

2 Love Birds
Owl pillow box
to the moon and back - vinyl
11 hearts

I love how well the blue and red popped against the neutral print of the pillow box. Too much awesome :) The lace was bought from a haberdashery up the road from my house a while back, and I found tiny stones in my stash for the bird's eyes.

 Do you know how difficult it is to photograph some things? without using the same props over, and over again? I think I stress more about photographing my stuff than I do about actually making it...

This was my 'studio' for the day... Creative, no?

Notice how bored Jenga looks (read: cute Pekingese, lying on the chair). She's too cute! Though I DO sometimes wish that she would just look at the camera, she's such a poser.


1 comment:

  1. Should have given her a treat....haven't I been saying she deserves treats? ;P
    Nice job P - giving lessons yet on the Silhouette?


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