Thursday, August 29, 2013

Scrapbook and Things - A Review

If you go to 313 Ontdekkers Road, Ontdekkers Park (cnr Conradie Street), in Roodepoort, Gauteng (don't worry, I'll repeat this for you again at the end of my post); you will find a quaint little scrapbook/craft store called Scrapbook and Things.

They recently celebrated their 10 year store birthday, quite an achievement in not only the scrapbooking business, but in business in general! 10 years of great products, great teaching, great service, and great enthusiasm!

I was first introduced to the store when I was given a voucher as a birthday gift (gift of a lifetime, and one that I will always attribute to my love for cutting paper). I was given both a class voucher, as well as a store voucher to buy product. The class voucher turned out to be invaluable, who would have thought that scrapbooking could be so technical! I always thought it was 'spoeg en plak'. How wrong I was...

You don't realise the value of being taught how to do something until you have gone through the process. Scrapbooking is so much more than putting a couple of photographs on a page with a few pretty embellishments. The teaching at Scrapbook and Things is beyond good. It's beyond great, and it's beyond fantastic. It's fun, informative, and filled with creative juice. Class rosters can be found on their website, or you could just call and enquire about the next class date and time. If a class isn't scheduled, you can always pop in to the store and work on something you're busy with anyway. A table is available to work at, in the middle of the store, in the middle of all that craft goodness (everything you need to use and buy at the reach of an arms length).

Scrapbook and Things, obviously, has a lot of scrapbook material available for purchase. My favourite item of all is the ribbon! There is almost half a wall dedicated to it! drool...
There is paper, both patterned and cardstock, tools, stamps, embellishments, albums, stickers and much more to browse through. I doubt you could walk into the store without walking out with at least some chalk (two actually...because one is never enough).

One of the items Scrapbook and Things has on offer, is page notes. Feel like a bit of scrapbooking, but don't feel your creative juices flowing to design your own page? that's ok! because you can buy page notes (both single and double pages) and follow the instructions! how cool is that people? Remember that table in the store? Buy some notes and bob's your uncle you have a custom made class going on! That's what I did a few weekends back...

This is my stuff, packed out on the craft table (they have craft mats available, so I didn't need to pack my own)

More of my stuff

I bought a page kit...which is similar to the page notes, except you buy the paper in a kit, that was used in the original page example, as well as the notes. neat huh? I didn't feel like making my own idea, or choosing paper, so I just bought a neat little kit that gave me everything I needed (except tools of course!)

Part of the page I put together from the kit I bought.
Now, the lady (read: wonderful lady) who owns Scrapbook and Things is named Lara Hanna. She is GREAT at teaching, GREAT at creating, and GREAT at making you feel at home in the store. It's an awesome kuier every time I go there :)

This is Lara!.... and the RIBBON extends to the right of the photograph...P.S. Lara also loves dots as much as I do...She is also in love with lady bugs...In's part of her store logo....
And this a fat party with my paper...don't you just love all the colourful brads to the right of me?
So, in short (not really, not if you just read this whole post) I love this store and I recommend it! Their details are as follows:

313 Ontdekkers Road, Ontdekkers Park (cnr Conradie Street)
Telephone : 011 763 1884
Fax : 011 763 4180
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
shop hours:
MONDAY: Closed
TUESDAY - THURSDAY: 09h30-17h00
FRIDAY: 09h30-16h30
SATURDAY: 09h30-13h30
P.S. This was an honest and open review about a store I frequent for my craft supplies. I was not in any way paid to say any of the above.

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