Wednesday, July 10, 2013


I'm introducing a weekly feature...Ninja!

Ninja likes to explore and do the things that we do everyday. Ninja is my pal and he/she (because we can't see under the ninja suit) is a fan of the limelight, as you will see in the coming weeks.

Because ninja's are unpredictable, and they make appearances out of nowhere, who is to say on which day Ninja will make an appearance here? Certainly not me (smirk). Rest assured though, that Ninja will not disappoint, and Ninja will ensure a weekly visit to you all...

In order to give credit where it's due, Ninja was born from a Copyright template by 4Kids Entertainment, Inc. and sent to me by my good friend Anne via good ole snail mail.

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  1. Saw your message on FB - emailing you now :o)


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